Social Media Campaigns

The Roma Feminist Podcast is a platform that aims to amplify the voices and experiences of Roma women. Through our podcast, we wish to discuss a wide range of topics such as racism, gender-based violence, education, employment, health issues and intersectionality. The podcast features live videos with Roma women who are activists, artists, scholars, professionals, giving listeners insight into the diverse perspectives and lived realities of Roma women. The podcast also highlights the resilience and strength of Roma women in the face of systemic oppression and discrimination. By centering the experiences of Roma women, the Roma Feminist Podcast creates a space for dialogue and community building within the Roma community and beyond.

On March 8th, we launched an online campaign where our members shared the significance of the day for them. This initiative aimed to amplify the voices and perspectives of Roma women, often overlooked in society.

By engaging in this campaign, we aimed to empower Roma women to claim their space and recognition in society and contribute to the ongoing fight for women's rights and dignity.

Because 16 May: Romani Resistance Day is getting closer, together with Dr. Justyna Matkowska we decided to share with you a series of posts about the contribution of Roma and Sinti Women in the resistance movements against the Nazis in Europe.

brown wooden human face carved decor
brown wooden human face carved decor