The moment you are born

Romina's poem is one of the winners of our Call for Poems and Writing Pieces on gender-based violence.


Romina Grigore

11/21/20231 min read

The moment you are born

You’re coming alone

On this earth

Without saying a word to your mother, your father and those around you

At the age of 3 you hear your father saying that he wanted you to be a boy

To carry on his name

And your mother’s heart is full of blame

At 7, when you get to school, you are told not to touch the toys with your brown hands

And you listen to them

At the age of 14, your classmates start laughing at you cause your breasts have grown

And you try to hide them so bad that you stick them with adhesive


At 16, you make your first boyfriend

He’s sweet, amazing , all that you want

But at 17, he slaps you for the first time

You don’t feel well, but you accept this hard road climb

In 3 years you already have your first child, a girl

Your husband is getting more and more angry

Your head is full of whirls

“Don’t you dare to come to me!”

Your momma says this

At the age of 21 you want to find a job

“You’re not qualified for this”

“Are you staying in that soiled community?”

“As you can see we all have white skin and you can’t integrate “

Just a sob.

You keep all your feelings inside

Your husband beats you all the time

The society puts a label on you

And on your body too

Now , you are 30

Your baby girl is growing


“You’re late for school!”

So you keep going

You wanna offer her a life without violence

Do you know that is not possible?”

Unfortunately, you can’t hide her identity and her gender

You don’t want to be invisible

“Remember my name, it’s going to be huge one day”

It’s not your fault that you are living in a world where “to be human” its a quality, not a normality

You keep getting the bullets for her

Cause that’s how you can protect the purity

You, powerful woman, make my eyes kind of blur

With just simplicity.