In between worlds...

We conclude the series of posts about the winners of our call for publication, with a beautiful and brave poem about the significant challenges that Roma women lesbians face when it comes to exploring their sexuality freely. Both internal and external homophobia, combined with sexism and racism, create a complex web of discrimination and oppression that can be difficult to navigate. These intersecting forms of discrimination can often make it difficult for Roma women to express their sexual orientation and explore their sexuality without fear of judgment or persecution. Many thanks to our winner, who wrote this poem about this struggle, and raises awareness of these intersecting forms of discrimination.

6/4/20231 min read

In between worlds...

I was born in between worlds.

And I knew

As a girl,

As a Roma.

I felt the worlds on me.


On my shoulders,

On my language,

On my accent,

On my hair.

And I know

As a Roma,

As a woman,

As a lesbian.

To fight!

To resist!

To be!

In between worlds.