Circle of Darkness/Krujo Kalo

Gilda's poem is one of the winners of our Call for Poems and Writing Pieces on gender-based violence.


Gilda Nancy Horvath (Nancy Black)

11/24/20231 min read

Krujo Kalo

Sostar zipines?

Zipines pre ma?

Zipines ande dukha?

Zipines avri sa?

Sostar mares?

Tu mares ma?

Chavora, Phenja?

Mares len sa?

Shelle bershenza

So avelas

te mukassas?

o marimo

o chorimo

krujo kalo

So avelas

te mukas kodo ?

te sasdjaras amen?

te shaj las amen

avri kathar kodo

krujo kalo

Romanes (Original)

Circle of Darkness

Why are you screaming?

Screaming at me?

Screaming in vain?

Screaming out the pain?

Why do you hurt?

You hit me?

Children, Sisters ?

Will you hit them all?

for hundreds of years

What if we leave it?

The violence

The darkness

This dark circle

What if we leave it?

So we can heal it?

Take ourselves out of

This circle of darkness