8th of March: Celebrating Romani Women's Achievements - Imola Málek

To celebrate the Women's Day, we want to highlighting the achievements, contributions, and success stories of Romani women from diverse backgrounds and fields. The campaign aims to challenge stereotypes, amplify Romani women's voices, and inspire pride and empowerment within the community.


Imola Málek

3/8/20241 min read

I am Imola Málek, I graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest with a Master's degree in Business Development. I have a Master's degree in Economics and I am interested in all areas of economics.

This profession has been in my life since I was 14 years old and I have been involved in all of its fields during my studies, research or work. I think that this profession is necessary for every single aspect of life, to have a complex understanding of the economic processes of a country and their impact on our lives.

Besides being an economist, I have a social sensitivity and I want to use my knowledge for a good cause, so I have been in contact and worked with many NGOs over the last 10 years. These have been really defining points in my life and as a result I wrote my bachelor thesis on NGOs and financial management of people living in poverty.

I feel that I can only fulfil my potential in my work if it have social responsibility in it, so I am currently setting up my own NGO, which focuses on helping people living in poverty, protecting human rights and responding to social problems as they arise. I believe that with the creation of this NGO I will become more than an economist and this is one of the stages in my life where I have embarked on a journey of self-realisation. I am a proud woman, I am proud of what I have achieved so far and no one can stop me from achieving great things in life.